This unit was about creating a fantastical make-up transformation as part of a group for an evening lit theatrical street performance. Your model’s transformation had to be functional and fit for purpose, have visibility and the model needed to be able to drink and move without anything detaching or falling off.


I had to interpret ‘The Moon’ as a tarot card character. This meant I had to research different meanings of the card to form the basis of my research and design responses. The next component was a quote set out by the tutors: ‘The Moon, an evil caricature that is shaped like a new moon’. The final theme was Tim Burton’s ‘The Corpse Bride’.
Putting everything together, from theme to key point, I had to remember that the project was about conceptual make-up for fantasy worlds so the hair and make-up needed to reflect theatrical extravaganza.

This was my first attempt on Special Effects Make-Up and I did struggle in the process of forming a final idea. The time set for this transformation was 2 hours. The pieces I used to create the caricature look was a latex bald cap, slush mould for latex chin, two cheeks, a moustache and nose.


The caricature style was the idea behind everything being exaggerated and large scale, such as the long chiseled chin and the small mouth combined with the oversized moustache. In addition to this I created a cartoon skeleton nose and large eyes inspired by Tim Burton’s style. I decided to create my make-up look based on ‘The Land Of The Dead’ from The Corpse Bride, and did this through adapting the colour pallet from the stop motion animation. With the character based theme I did try to make the features typical of an evil cartoon villain, portrayed in this way so that the audience can see from afar that this is a evil character. I incorporated the new moon side using a bald cap to imitate the moon’s craters and the long , slightly curved chin to represent a new moon’s silhouette.

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