Roz// This project is an ode to photographic filters that are placed over the lens of a camera to create different effects. For example you might use a neutral density filter on a bright day because it would change the exposure of the picture without having to press any buttons, everything would become clearer.


The idea of this project is to bring the filter away from its usual materiality, the size being practically the only thing that is unusual. The filter itself is drawn away from the lens and into the picture, becoming the centre piece rather than something hidden. I have quite a few old filters, some are rectangular and some are square, but most of them are circular. There were always two particular filters I had that I would place together in a certain way. I sat them in my room and it wasn’t really a filter anymore, it became an object by itself.


In second year I made a square steel frame which was approx. 70cmx70xm and filled with a clear sheet of perspex. I wanted to make giant replicas of the circle and square filter; both filters had to have a pretty chunky black edge around them. For the circular filter replica I used a black carbon bicycle wheel and slotted a circular sheet of orange perspex inside. Once they were both sprayed and polished I took them down to Bournemouth beach and propped them up using bamboo.


The final images are black and white 35mm film.

I’ve recently revisited the idea. Taking the filter out with me and using it in photographs, the circular filter in particular. I don’t have much of an idea in mind of what image I’m trying to create other than wanting give a circular shape of colour into what would alternatively be quite a monotone image- which I suppose is interesting as my final images last year were in B&W. I do feel like the way I use the circular filter now is much more about the colour and shape rather than the filtering of light.


I rarely shoot portraiture, however, I am really hoping to use the filter in some portraits. I’m also planning on making a few other filters, in different colours and sizes.

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