Textile student Rachel Douglas gives us an insight about her interior designs.

For this current project, I have been looking at designing textiles for an interior setting that is both visually pleasing and tactile for individuals with sight loss. Using first hand photography and videos of pavements within urban areas. I started by examining how the paving within the visuals I collected changed from one pattern to another. This brought me to start developing designs that changed in scale, proportions and tempo. Using a bold but simple colour palate to allow the design to take priority, which in turn should make the designs easier to see with low vision. For people with little or no sight, I have incorporated a tactile quality so that everyone can enjoy my work. I have been focusing on digital print to create the basis of my designs onto silk organza and voile. Using the techniques of flock, bonded fabrics, buff binder and pleating to make my work tactile. I intend my work to be placed in the market at the middle to high end. Hoping that some visually impaired individuals are able to afford the designs while a proportion of profit made is donated to charities that are linked to sight loss.


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