By Luke Chapman, a third year BA Digital Media Production student at Arts University Bournemouth.

Using the cinema4d character model ‘Fred’ I created an abstract series of renders, I bluntly named “Fred”…

Most of my work is inpsired by brutalism, In the architectural & literal sense. I love it when things glitch, interlace and malfunction, and feel like these things influence most of my work. A lot of 3d artists go for a clean, realistic aesthetic and have a clear product they wish to produce, but I prefer to just experiment within the programmes, and feel like the overall outcome of my visuals are a lot more abstract because of this. After uni I plan to carry on Vj’ing because I’ve only been doing it for almost a year and feel like Barely touched the surface, so far all my work has been through events so I’d really like to create some more personal pieces via installation or 3d mapping. I’ve shelved the zine idea for now but I’ve actually got a big project in the works which I would love for you guys to share, which combines projection mapping, urban exploration & analogue glitches.

You can find all of his work here: