This is our second Friday Feature, where we give one AUB student a featured article, and we interview them to find out a little more about them and their work.

This weeks Friday Feature is with 2nd Year BA (Hons) Illustration Student Peter Henderson.fridayfeat8Peters latest project was called ‘Matterhorn C.‘ An interactive illustrative website!

Here’s what Peter has to say about this project:

‘Matterhorn C’ – is an online illustrated interactive narrative based on my dad’s 1975 climbing expedition to Greenland. In 1975 he travelled to Greenland with a group of University friends. During their 12 week trip they climbed 42 previously unclimbed mountains, officially naming each peak as they summited, one of which was a mountain called ‘Matterhorn C’. The adventure to conquer this mountain is the basis for my dad’s narrative as he looks back at the trip.

I think its safe to say we’re all a little bit jealous of Peters dads climbing expedition!

In this project, I wanted to push the boundary of my practice into a new format. Over Christmas I taught myself the basics of coding, which allowed me to compile my project online, and introduce more interactive with the viewer.fridayfeat6We wanted to interview Peter about his work and Matterhorn C. This is what he said –

Massive thank you to Peter for letting us be so nosey about his work & inspirations.

Photographs – Ewa Ferdynus

Video – Koko Stoimenov.