Ashlee Spink is on BA (Hons) Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth, here is her series ‘going, going, gone’.

‘going, going, gone.’ is a short series of illustrations depicting the fragility of species.

One image shows critically endangered animals, such as the kakapo and pangolin, in the wild but in a questionably alive state.

ashlee-spink-bumf-submission-1-going-going (1)

The second image depicts fading specimens of recently extinct species in a clinical surrounding – the only setting these will be seen again.

ashlee-spink-bumf-submission-1-gone. (1)

The juxtaposition between the critical states of these species and the carefree expression of ‘going, going, gone.’ highlights the attitude of the masses towards extinction and their lack of immediacy towards prevention.
Originally detailed pencil illustrations, these have been digitalised and printed on to a semi-translucent paper. This medium allows light to pass through the fading images, reflecting their delicate existence.

These pieces were created for the ‘Bourne into the Wild‘ exhibition in conjunction with Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe.

The exhibition is on the theme of endangered animals and extinction, and will be a fundraiser event to raise money for Dorset Wildlife Trust on the evening of the 30th October 2015 at The Factory Studios, Boscombe.

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