Haptic Music Machine

Joe Walker recently graduated from the BA Architecture course at Arts University Bournemouth. This is his final major project Haptic Music Machine.

The Haptic Music Machine is a construct representing a physical analysis of instrumentation with the ability to create sound from material elements. The subtle balance of silence and sound, the absent and the being, that defines rhythm, melody and the absoluteness of space.

The Haptic Music Machine is the embodiment and distillation of architectural, acoustic and musical research and performance. The machine is dependant on existing musical objects but is unique in its form and sonic output.

The project was a research exercise in support of an architectural final major project. The machine grew out of an inspired process of experimentation through the medium of drawing and adaptation of an old acoustic piano. It is a solidification of the research and also a link to ‘Song’ – an architectural piece of work that is influenced as much by John Cage’s theory as well as the acoustic qualities of concrete.

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Have a look at Joe Walker’s website for more work.