Courtney Dyer is a 3rd year illustration student who created these beautiful illustrations for a live brief.


The Book Illustration Competition is a unique partnership between House of Illustration and The Folio Society that seeks to identify and promote new talent in illustration. Each year entrants are asked to submit three illustrations and a binding design for a book chosen by The Folio Society. The winner receives a highly sought-after commission, worth £5,000, to complete a total of nine illustrations and a binding design for the book, which is then published by The Folio Society. Five runners each receive £500 cash.



I Selected War Horse as a live brief to pursue for my first unit of exploration for my university project, putting my paper-cutting and craft skills to good use – paper-cutting being a key focus of development as an illustrator. I used transformative quality of the lighting to bring her War Horse submissions to life, steering away from conventional, familiar paper-cutting approaches, playing on depth and shadow to make them dramatic.



Find more of Courtneys work at –

Instagram- courtneydyerillustration