Emmanuel// Whilst being assigned a free-range documentary project, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to shoot at High Mead Community Farm in Ferndown, Bournemouth. The project is focused on the scene of an uninhabited (by man) environment. Being from the busy city of London, often I don’t get the chance to stumble upon much rural territory.


After giving the grounds a quick explore, I began shooting. I loved the different aspects of the farm: one area held animals, another was in complete desolation. I stumbled across one of my favourite animals too, the almighty, dignified, and spectacular creature…a donkey named Susie! Back in my home country, Cyprus, a donkey is the equivalent to the British pigeon, so it was nice to see some familiarity.


Once I took a few shots, I noticed that the animal is just as good as a human when it comes to interpreting emotion and character. The images I captured of Susie surely made me giggle. I then moved towards the rear of the site where I came across an abandoned caravan.screen-shot-2017-07-19-at-19.39

Part of my aim for this project is to captivate the viewer’s intuition, making you ask – what?[…] Many questions surround the image as to the comprehensive state that is has become, which I find intriguing. Along with the caravan, an abandoned barn is another structure I captured . Admittedly, there is something eerie about this barn yet it’s still beautiful in a way. The design and structural aspect of it compile to create a contemporary graphic appeal, but the rustic condition says otherwise.

As I packed up towards the end of the shoot, I clomped towards a deteriorating speed sign stuck in the ground – I photographed this too. I chose to strip the colour from the photographs purely to suit the idea of an uninhabited world.


Throughout the series of images, a common theme is nature. Yes, it’s a common subject, but exploring the definitive and figurative suggestions of the word have taught me to think outside the box, and most importantly to keep in touch with my surroundings when shooting.


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