Olivia Russell is a 2nd Year Makeup student who collaborated with MA Film makers for their project Homebound.  image_2

“The film itself tells the story of a soldier suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, as he is sent back home to his wife and young daughter due to various injuries.

After looking at various case studies of soldiers suffering from this mental illness, I was inspired to create a character that was delicate and fragile by making prosthetic wounds for his face, chest and arms. Burns, bullet wounds and a mixture of fresh and old scars were perfect in giving the character a background of pain and suffering during his time at war.
The burns on the main actors face were sculpted by wonderful mua assistan Claire Hefford, and were cast in silicon, as well as my various selection of scars and wounds for the chest, and my feature bullet wound piece on his left arm… but I can’t give too many spoilers yet!


The baby was requested by the filmmakers themselves. Using a doll in a budget film is all well and good, but you never get to see the face, which is a vital part in relating to a character.
I wanted to create something that the main two actors could actually react to, instead of making a conscious effort to hide the doll on camera. The baby head and face was sculpted entirely out of monster clay, and then molded and cast in silicon.
This face was then attached to the doll, painted with silicon paints, and hair-punched so the eyelashes looked realistic.
The actual doll was then weighted with rice bags in its head and body to give the actors more control of how holding the baby looked.

This was a first attempted at creating any type of human face that needed to appear extremely realistic ready for HD film, and the results were extremely satisfying with reactions of filmmakers and actors alike.


‘Homebound’ will bring many people to floods of tears to raise awareness to those suffering from PTSD, and to realise that more medical care should be given to those in need.
Please stay tuned and see the links below to keep up with the film and support the wonderful crew I was so lucky to work with!

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