Clare Hedges is on Level 6 Make-up for Media and Performance at the Arts University Bournemouth and tell us about her latest work ‘Horrick’.

For my project I wanted to create a short film and collaborated with film students to create ‘Horrick’. I wanted to design and create a character make up based on trolls.

This meant life casting my actors head and making moulds of this so that I could sculpt my design. I then moulded the sculpt in fiberglass and created the pieces using silicone.

I painted the pieces and individually punched hair using a special needle for eyebrows, into the ears and even punched hair in the nostrils.

It was filmed in an abandoned village in Purbeck which is used for military training – this meant that all the buildings were derelict and destroyed. This was the perfect location to film my prosthetic make up.

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