Our Chief Article writer Brittany Sutcliffe visits 3rd Year Fine Arts Exhibition ‘Why am I Here?’

bumffineart-8778Heres what she had to say // 

Having launched this very afternoon, we had ten third-year Fine Art students exhibiting in the BUMF gallery. The works are all in the form of posters and prints, to be based on something the students individually engage with in their personal lives. Whilst everyone’s starting points were different, I couldn’t help but feel, to an extent, nostalgic when thinking about the collection as a whole; Little Red Riding Hood was a primary school favourite, grainy footage of spinning terrariums reminded me of teleshopping adverts, some 70’s fabric was used as a backdrop, even instructional pieces can feel away in time when thinking about when the tasks actually took place (or in the case of Bear Taylor’s work, IF they took place).

bumffineart-8737 Georgia Province repeats and remoulds ordinary objects until they collapse into something else entirely. Plastic forks become teapots, toothbrushes become colourful patterns. Abstract in appearance but still seemingly a tribute to the question, “at what point in the art world will everything already have been done?”. Rebecca Guirado and Ava White both focused on reusing pre-existing texts to create their work, with Ava layering old text upon itself to give new meaning through the words she’s purposefully allowed to be legible, and with Rebecca making a humorous link between no one reading the terms and conditions of website pages and the lack of rules in what can and can’t be art. Natasha Salkeld’s poster, made up of overlapping block colour prints of images from an Instagram account, highlights how oversaturated our lives are with social media interaction. You can check the account for yourself at @xoxoxogirlz. It’s only been running for a little more than a week and yet she’s gained over 2000 followers.
bumffineart-8740 Georgia Wilson shines a light on the dark humour that goes unnoticed in children’s classics. I feel this rather pleasantly sums up the student’s attitudes to what they decided to be their muse for these prints; items that you or I may overlook but as all the students have shown, can be flipped on itself to become something entirely new and meaningful altogether. All those objects need is a creative hand to have at it.bumffineart-8779 bumffineart-8792
Words by Brittany Sutcliffe // Photographs by Ewa Ferdynus