Ana Iurov a 2nd Year Illustration Student has created a story in style of graphic novels and webcomics however with a unique twist of animation.

Ana Iurov (1)

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As the final project of the 2nd year, we were offered the choice to create our own brief. With that, I decided to go ahead and create the comic to a story I’ve been working on for a while now.

I wanted it to be unique to other graphic novels or webcomics out there, so I combined animation with the otherwise basic page layout. Sometimes there’s more happening, sometimes there’s just one small thing, but more pages have a little bit of movement. Not all, but most.

Ana Iurov (1)

The story itself is pretty self-explanatory; a boy whose emotions were sealed away and his friend who wants to show him how much of the world he’s missed because of that.

Ana Iurov (2) Ana Iurov (3)

It’s a short little thing, only 25 pages long, but I’ve been told it’s visually pleasing as well as emotionally striking as it tackles emotions which are a huge part of our lives.

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Instagram: @Ennun