Joan Alturo (aka Bec Negre) is studying MA Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. These illustrations were exhibited at Visions Gallery in Barcelona, Spain in April/May 2014. Here’s what he has to say:

When have you seen insects skateboarding!?!

Insects symbolise everything small & insignificant in our world, symbols of collaboration, anatomy and perfect order, they are small creatures that allow to keep a natural cycle of life. Believe it or not, these small invertebrates lead a very busy life, getting food from the concrete jungle, it’s a real challenge without being treaded on or sprayed with some kind of poison or being trapped in a translucent barrier that humans call crystal.

piojo-de-humano-stalefish-by-bec-negre.j-785x656 mosca-azul-de-la-carne-airwalk-by-bec-negre.j-785x980

The most common reactions to these attacks or hazards caused by the human is to escape. Some insects defend by producing repugnant secretions or executing simple immobilizing or intimidating actions. Others have chosen a more interesting way; to practice skateboarding as an alienating and personal liberation.

mariquita-de-siete-puntos-bs-tailslide-by-bec-negre.j saltamontes-ollie-boned-by-bec-negre.j-785x586

The human eye has never had the opportunity to appreciate the varied amount of skateboard tricks performed by these “miniriders” as they usually skate in places far from civilization. Insectricks opening Friday April 11th Damián Vásquez and guest artist Joan Alturo work to illustrate these moments with ink on canvas, presenting classic “tricks” by these tiny and wise animals as the ride their Skateboards.

Ride or bite!

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