This year taking over the roles of Editor is Hannah and Rachel, currently working on the FRESH issue to kick off the academic year. Following this theme here is introducing BUMF’s new editors, wearing their FRESH inspired fruit outfits.

hannah lime-newest v


Hey, I’m Hannah. I’m a level 6 Illustration student. I work predominantly in a handmade, image based practice, with a lot of emphasis on socioeconomic issues and a love of colour and texture.

This year, as incoming Editor and Communications Officer, I’m keen to focus not only on BUMF, but on collaboration across campus as a whole. I know that both Rachel and I have some pretty big plans for the academic year, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting stuff coming your way. See more of what I get up to artistically here


me as orange



Hi, I’m Rachel. I am also a third year illustration student and I am currently most interested in social commentary within my illustrative practice. I like to work in many different mediums such as digital drawing, sketching, collage, photography and clay, and just generally experiment with materials. You can see what I’ve been working on so far at

Last year I was the Content Manager for BUMF, as some of you already know from being pestered mercilessly for submissions and whatnot. This year as Editor I really want to push for a larger variety of courses getting involved in BUMF as this is a student publication for all of AUB! I think we have an amazing opportunity to make something really cool out of BUMF, and I have a lot of ideas to do so, so watch this space!


The first issue of BUMF for the 2017-18 academic year will be available at Freshers Fair on 18th September. We will also be looking for new team members to fill the spaces of some of the graduated staff.

We will see you in September!

Hannah & Rachel