The AUB Library Globe is a collaboration project between Etty Flynn, William Clempson, Sophie Jade, Luka Nikcevic and Sam Tillen.

The photographs were taken by Adam Roberts, a third year BA (Hons) Photography student.

The Library Globe is a 3D Infographic representing all of the books taken into and out of the library on the 6th of October 2014 at the Arts University Bournemouth.

My group and I took it upon ourselves to carry out a survey, from nine o’clock in the morning until seven in the evening, recording the category and the time of every book being scanned and issued.

Our data was then transformed into 4 semicircular books, that together form a colourful globe.

Each page of the globe represents a minute of the day: the blank pages are the minutes in which no books were taken out and the coloured pages are the colour of the category that the book taken out belongs to.

We liked the idea of using the colour code already in use in the library because it is a system that AUB students are already familiar with.

To be able to decode the data, the viewer must go to either the library or onto the library website. Hopefully this will encourage more students to frequent the library instead of buying their recommended texts.


The time has been laser cut onto every coloured page, along with either an “In” or an “Out”, depending on whether the book was being taken away or brought back to the library.

The page in the photograph above represents a book from the Architecture category being returned.

On this particular day, 104 students brought books in and out of 16 different categories.
We’re very proud to say that the most popular category was Graphic Design.


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William Clempson

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