Lily Sinclair 3rd Year Visual Communication Student has produced a book that looks into the process of taxidermy.

Lily Sinclair  (1)

FURR is an arts and lifestyle publication which explores the art form and process of taxidermy. The aim of the publication is to open peoples eyes to the concept of taxidermy and see it in a new light, this is achieved through informing readers about the history and the extensive process and level of craft that goes into making a piece of taxidermy.

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My reason for doing this is because I myself have become extremely immersed in the world of taxidermy, from its historic background, through its process right up to where it is in the modern world today in terms of the arts as well as in our everyday lives in the form of interior design.

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The more I have studied this topic the more I have learned and wanted to learn about it, and it has completely opened my eyes to something that I like many, once considered a bit creepy, weird and dark.

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I feel that it is something that a lot of people have an opinion on but don’t know much about and jump to conclusions very quickly when talking about the subject, for example many people believe that the taxidermist kills their subject or has it killed for them to stuff. What people don’t realise is that there are strict laws surrounding taxidermy and many of the animals that are stuffed have died of natural causes.

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This publication focuses on three unique locations which all celebrate the art of taxidermy, these include The Natural History Museum Tring, Aynhoe Park (a private home in Oxfordshire) and The Jugged Hare (an eccentric pub in London) and shows off what they each have to offer through photographed imagery and articles.

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