This is a start of a new era for BUMF and we are looking for talented students, such as yourself, to help us create great things!

My name is Laura Andrade and I am the newly appointed Communications Officer, along side with my team we will try our hardest to created relevant issues that have impact of peoples lives either content or visually wise.

I was born in Portugal, more precisely from Madeira Island, a tropical and beautiful place. It’s a mix of mountains, sea and good food.

Currently, I am studying MA Animation Production at AUB and I have a background in Graphic Design as well as Illustration. It’s all about the visuals; ever since I can remember I love expressing myself visually in every possible way. (check out my instagram if you are curious @unthinkillustrations)

This role will not be taken lightly, I want to make the most of what I was offered, and I am truly thankful for this position. It’s an opportunity for me to put my previous work experience to good use (in Graphic Design) and also to learn about Editorial Design and what it takes to make a magazine & gallery run.

We are looking for people from every area, from writing, photographers, designers, illustrators, curators to talent scouts. So there is plenty of work for everyone!

Don’t be shy and stop by on Friday the 1st of November, in room K102. (if you have any doubts stop by AUBSU or email me at