Chloe Parkes, a 3rd Year BA (Hons) Photography student, has produced a series of images exploring the genre of science fiction.

Science Fiction_3

Within this project I have been exploring the idea of the non-object within the context of science fiction. This idea started when I attempted to make an object that wasn’t really anything at all and ended up with something that looked like ‘some kind of crazy science experiment’. This sparked an interest in how the science fiction genre is full of crazy little devices that have no place within reality, and a purpose completely un-deducible from their absurd appearance, and are often covered, for no apparent reason, in flashing lights.

Science Fiction_2

Science fiction films that attempt to portray the future have a tendency to get it completely wrong, for retro-futurist films whose setting in time has by now often become our present, if not our past, the great inventions of the future that are portrayed can often seem completely ridiculous in comparison to our reality of that time. It is obviously impossible for the imaginations of those who create these future to predict the technological advancements that have been made in recent years this technology has a distinctly out-dated feel to it.

Science Fiction_1

Within this humorous exploration of science fiction and retro futuristic aesthetic, I have attempted to create these impossible and non-existent technologies with which I have become so obsessed, and taken them out of a science fiction context and into that of a formal portrait in an attempt to highlight their complete absurdity.


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