Created by Laura Andrade Rivero 

Using identity as a focusing theme, my work questions connotations of the figure and how the body is visually consumed by the viewer within the abstract concepts of itself, whilst relying on an often dark, subversive undertone. When you’re dealing with the figure- you’re dealing with identity. Striking a tenuous balance between abstraction and figuration, the formal properties of paint are central concerns within the work. By employing a compilation of oil, acrylic paint and natural pigments with the expressive potential of colour creates a sense of potent fragility throughout the works.

The human form consisting of both face and body, acts as a primary inspiration for me, with the intention to entice the viewer to look into the indefinable, through subjects who project a sense of inexpressible emotion. The technique within the medium itself, from the texture to the way the paint moves across the canvas synthesise themselves to tempt the viewer toward the subject’s intention.

The progression of the paintings as a series can be seen as I experiment with limitations in mediums. In Asher (2018) for example paintbrushes were used, however three paintings later in Laura (2019) the paintbrush is discarded and replaced with a pallet knife. Both tools create different strokes, and consequently, emphasise different parts of the human form. While painting I believe it’s important not to ‘overthink’ and let little, often insignificant or random things become significant for a larger, more metaphorical, and ultimately more personal message making the viewer take their own narrative from the work. In this way, a relationship is established both between the viewer and the painting itself.