Designed by Jack Howden

This project was born out of a brief exploring the word lost. I chose to study lost communication, specifically looking into the use of phones at the dinner table. The output needed to be typography based so research into all the finer details was required. 

The concept of this piece was to illustrate multiple conversations happening at the same time. I chose to use a concertina format so that both sides of the situation can be viewed. On one side the texting conversation takes priority. Details between the son and his mother’s spoken conversation are missed as the focus is on the phone.

Original Text

When read the other way, the same conversation takes place again but this time he is ignoring his phone and focusing on the physical face to face conversation which he gains more from which in turn benefits him. The filters help to switch the hierarchy of where the attention is being placed, whether that be on the phone or to the person sat opposite, this means I can overlay the type making it look messier playing into the concept that we overcomplicate situations by trying to stay connected with everyone through our phones at all times. 

Blue Filter Applied

This project was a lot of work and research into areas of design I had not looked into before but I was happy with how the end product came out and I really enjoyed the whole process of developing the concept to hand stitching the final piece. 

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