By Bertie Ash

Yes we have seen it all before. That’s fashion, basically the regurgitation of basic ideas reformed, reshaped and redesigned to suit the needs of the fresh consumer. Well fashion for us students needs to capture our party needs, basic practical requirements and everything in-between.

Lets take uni life for example, what does a student wear nowadays? If parents were asked, what is student fashion? The response would probably be:

“Oh those ridiculously tight jeans, or those ones that hang around the ankles. Oh and girls with very minimal clothing and skirts so high that all modesty has been despatched!”

Okay, so clearly no student would agree with all that. Skinny jeans, a must-have essential in any youth’s wardrobe, but everything else is a huge understatement. Especially when you’re at an amazing arts uni’ like AUB, I mean, just look around and see the diversity and creativity of style that is so freely on display.

So girls and boys, what are we wearing today? Are we rocking those vintage Levis and oversize jumpers? Or maybe feeling a little extravagant, pulling-off a bright print shirt and some badass chunky accessories?

Now we’re talking fashion. This is so clearly 90’s that we have grown to love over the past year. Yes, we love it so much it has arguably become a comfort zone, until fashion’s next big decade to re-invent and celebrate. We’ve definitely swung through the 60s, grooved past the 70s and hit hard on the 80s, nailed the 90’s and are we already looking back on the 00s?

This ‘O’ so recent decade delivered as much regurgitation of past fashion decades as the rest, yet there may be a few key pieces that could almost certainly define the decade of mass r&b music and bubblegum pop prettiness.

Trend wise, we’ve seen vast ranges in silhouette, from tight and baggy, oversize and slim. Let’s say the 00s brought us tight everything for girls and loose fit for boys. And yes, “those trousers that hang around the ankles.” Ah misery, those parents were right…damn!

Oh well, we still love those skinnies. Yay, skinny jean pride, woo!

Ok so chunky accessories, and we’re loving the gansta chain and goth boots of the 90s, but maybe there’s a strong sense of sports style hitting the accessory market. More Nikes and New Balances please. Goodbye painful leather shoes, hello trainertastic!

So yeah, so we can agree that we’ve pretty much covered our student style of the now in general terms. Of course there are always those crazy fashion students who push the boundaries so high, couture just can’t cut it! Individuality is beautiful and by mixing-up those key fashion pieces with a vintage twist and a homemade shake, there’s always something new to wear.