Pauline Marie Korp is on Level 6 BA (Hons) Visual Communications at the Arts University Bournemouth. This is her project entitled ‘Omiagi Identity & Packaging’.

The brief was to brand a national product from a chosen country, keeping in mind the country’s style, design and being. Out of my 3 countries, I chose Japan, and as I researched into it, then a lunchbox was the perfect symbol of everything in Japan.


Starting from the way the government works – hand-to-hand with the media, standing for democracy but at the same time disobeying all the rules of it. Although, my research noted that the people are not very disturbed about the government not hearing their voice, as they have their job and the government has theirs.

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They all live in their own compartments, not sticking their nose into someone else’s business, but together they make a whole. I would say a very efficient whole, as the country is very clean, second richest country on the earth and very comfortable to live in.

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Lunchbox art is also everybody’s art, as mothers show their skill every morning to design and create the most beautiful lunchboxes for their children. It also shows the attention to beauty and detail, that Japanese are known for, as the Japanese lunchboxes are usually very beautiful and decorated with small tiny details, although, lets not be mistaken, the design the Japanese are known for is very clean, stylish and neat.

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Therefore, I created this brand Omiagi, which is all about the alternative uses of the very popular lunchbox, and structurising everything – even your life! I crafted these 3 simple boxes with 3 types of handles, which symbolise the things Japan is known for – their architecture (Japanese roof), they obsession with cats starting with hello kitty and ending with their dresscode (cat ears) and the third one symbolises Geishas, delicacy and love for the nature (Geisha’s fan). The patterns, therefore, symbolise accordingly, mountains and landscape, thread balls and nature, flowers, delicacy.

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All photos by Marcella Chan Level 6 BA (Hons) Photography.

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