Immy// After celebrating a recent hat making project hand in for a pantomime a few months ago, I wanted to get back into drawing again, so decided to create this piece based on my interests outside of university, now I had some free time to do so. I am very interested in art nouveau paintings, fantasy and 1970s psychedelic patterns, so wanted to combine these in a kaleidoscopic detailed drawing that has a lot of elements to look at. I really enjoyed making this and found the whole process quite therapeutic, completing the piece in about 3/4 days. However, whilst working on this, I found that I could always be adding more detail and building the drawing up in layers, which, although enjoyable, made it quite hard to put down when deciding to stop working on it. I gave myself a bit of a challenge to fill the entire page (didn’t quite manage it but my eyes started to go a bit crazy after a while!) and found it quite difficult at first to maintain the symmetry of the piece, but managed to get the hang of it a bit more as I went along. The piece itself isn’t perfectly symmetrical as I just did it by eye, but I think that is all part of the process, and didn’t mind if there were more ‘organic’ elements in the drawing. I enjoy working in this style very much, and hope to create more of a series of these illustrations, based around different themes and characters. I would also like to experiment with the level of detail in each piece so there is more of an evolutionary process when looking at the series. I called this drawing ‘Persephone’ based after the Greek Goddess of spring and Queen of the Underworld. I enjoy creating a bit of a story when drawing, and am currently working on a nautical themed piece that I think will fit well alongside this one. It is quite a time consuming process, but something I have a lot of patience with. I enjoy working in detail in my university projects, and like the idea of there always being something to discover when looking at a piece of work.


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