Anna Chase-Roberts is a Level 5 BA (Hons) Illustration student at Arts University Bournemouth.

For this project, I explored the idea of people’s personal spaces or sanctuaries, primarily looking at bedrooms. I wanted to examine how people create their own little worlds and what they surround themselves with, why and how that reflects on and affects the individual.

This project relied heavily on extensive reportage illustration of people’s bedrooms, the  subjects naturally being the bedrooms of my friends at AUB. For art students the bedroom often doubles as a studio/workspace. People tailor their environment to suit their creative processes and so their bedrooms are influenced by as well as impacting upon their work.

These final pieces depict the university bedrooms of myself and my friends. The approach I used is multilayered and mixed media, creating a sense of depth and capturing different textures found in the interiors. One of the most important elements was including as many tiny details as I could, looking closely at the pieces one can see titles of books and DVDs, images  and photographs stuck on walls, clues that reveal much about the tastes, interests and life of the inhabitant.

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