Cecilia Di Paolo, a Level 4 BA (Hons) Photography student at Arts University Bournemouth examines phobias in her latest work:

An extreme or irrational fear of, or aversion to something, phobias control some aspects of your life; they are an obstacle.

I chose to create a series of images representing my own interpretation of these fears.

I wanted to show that we can make something beautiful that makes us feel positive emotions from sometimes so dark that we don’t even understand, such as phobias.

Where do they come from and why are we so terrified by something that should be part of our everyday life or that doesn’t even exist?

thalassophobiafear-of-the-ocean nectophobiafear-of-teh-dark2 nectophobiafear-of-teh-dark eleutherophobiafear-of-freedom2 eleutherophobiafear-of-freedom dental-anxiety cromophobiafear-of-colours cibophobiafear-fo-food apiphobiafear-of-beesinterpreted-with-honey DSC_4337 - Version 3