Caitlin// I have always been a keen photographer, snapping anything that catches my eye, usually on my iPhone. Admittedly, professional photographers would perhaps view me as a complete novice but I believe that if you put a camera, of any kind, in the right hands, great photos and moments can be captured. I love the ease of being able to take a photo within seconds and I always have my phone on me, meaning that whenever I have the opportunity I can take a great shot.
Whilst on my travels, I am always keen to capture as much as possible, whether through photography or on film. In summer 2015, I visited America for the first time and made it my mission to absorb every second of being there, as I knew that the opportunity to go again would be few and far between. I visited four different areas along the East coast, including Maine, Portland (Maine), Boston and New York City, and I have images taken from these locations in many pieces of my work, showing perhaps some of the less well-known areas of these cities.
My work also includes images from various other places that I have visited, including Valencia in Spain and and Morzine in France. I love to try and mix different climates and environments to see the immediate contrast between the two.
At first I began to mix the photographs I had taken simply as a hobby, using my iPad mini and the Adobe Photoshop app to see what kind of images I could create, as a break between studying and a way to relax. I love to work quickly and experiment a lot with the different outcomes available from playing around with the tools on Photoshop. I was inspired by the images that I took whilst travelling in these different locations, as well as experiencing them first-hand and I knew that I wanted to do something with them.
After posting a few of these images on Instagram, I realised that they could hold potential and I decided to look into approaching my hobby from a more professional perspective, inspiring me to open up my own shop on Etsy. I felt that this was the best place to begin, as it allows you to add your own personal touch and as a student it provides a great opportunity to sell my own work through a reliable site. I have started with A3 sized posters but in the future I hope to expand to creating different sized artworks including larger posters and postcards.
I really enjoy mixing these photos and will continue to work on more, as well as building my shop on Etsy whilst completing my third and final year here at AUB.
Instagram// caitlin.goble