Poetry: Second Glance

Davina Gilbert is on Level 5 BA (Hons) Creative Events Management at Arts University Bournemouth, this is her poetry piece entitled Second Glance:

We can all moan.
In fact, we are really good at it.
But who isn’t? It’s pretty easy.

Because at first glance,
I see unnecessary suffering and haunting deprivation
I see broken connections and fake communications
I see lost souls in dark eyes and meaningless goodbyes
But you’ve heard it all before.
Politics, economists, media lies and hypocrites
A lot of which I won’t pretend to understand.
It’s enough to know I see fear and confusion in so many faces.

But at second glance,
I see rising hills and breathing sunsets
Misty mornings and sensational stars
I see beautiful people and eternal connections
Energies, realities, and powerful vibrations
I see genuine “how are you’s?” and rising realisations
I see conscious freedoms and everyday manifestations
I see eternal love, unbreakable and connected
A hope that one day mother Gaia won’t need to be protected
Real people, real moments, real spiritual beings
Positive thought forms turning into universal healing.

And it still undeniably baffles me
That most people don’t even realise it exists.

Not everyone agrees but this is our next evolution.
I believe we are part of a spiritual revolution.
I see it growing before my very eyes.
I feel it spreading around my heart.
I hear it in voices of new found excitement
Of those who realise they are taking part.

You can give me facts and figures
About rising crime, deeper debts and shallow leaders.
But the simple truth is,
If everyone just believed that we can manifest a conscious tomorrow
Then there would be no one left to make it fail.
So why wouldn’t I believe?
It is one step closer.