‘PURE’ is a project by Rees Thompson on Level 5 BA (Hons) Commercial Photography that explores¬†how a lot of modern day fashion campaigns are driven by a model or famous face, rather than perhaps a look or feel.

I decided to go against what I felt was a trend that’s taking over modern day fashion editorial work and abstract my model.

The project was driven by a lot of research into the Freudian Concept of ‘The Familiar’ and ‘The Uncanny’, and how we as living, breathing, thinking human beings respond to certain stimuli such as faceless people and the idea of a mask or facade.

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Check out the accompanying video over on Rees’ website:¬†www.reesthompson.co.uk/pure-video

You can follow more of Rees’ work on Twitter: @rees_thompson and Instagram: @reesthompson