Jake // This unit focuses on Contemporary Practices in Photography, how photography has developed through technological advancements and where the medium stands in the modern world.


For my project I decided to create a zine, as I love entwining image and the page, an association I plan to work with outside of university when I finish. The zine is titled ‘REPEAT’, and showcases the relationships between form, colour, composition and often the subject amongst the everyday, that a lot of the time we don’t notice. I am interested in how we don’t even think about how regularly we see the same things on a daily basis, whether that be the same colour cars, people wearing the same clothes, the same architectural structures etc.

bumf (1)red

I became fixated on how when documenting these things and presenting them on a page, so many interesting patterns developed, and the photographs described the everyday world in a different light; one our subconscious doesn’t tend to acknowledge. The zine follows how by using these patterns, I can experiment with incorporating images taken from two completely different areas and when placed together make them look like they were meant to be paired next to each other.


My main interests lie within fashion and architecture, so primarily the project naturally fell beneath those two subtitles. I am now especially interested in patterns and repetition amongst more industrial areas, which is highlighted amongst pages such as the red car and scaffolding images, and also the portraits taken on top of the wooden pallets. The zine consists of twelve full page spreads, and is designed to be a preview of things to come, as I carry on this project past the deadline and through Summer. I’ve labelled the publication ‘Chapter One’, so I can keep building on the theme of repetition, hopefully producing more and more chapters as time progresses. The images that I have selected to showcase consist of two double pages that I have included, as well as four isolated photographs from spreads.

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