Jonny// Shapes N’ That – It is a collection of light collages consisting of peculiar geometry, non-traditional shapes and pastel colours. Their form and composition derive from an 80’s pop aesthetic. They are all vector illustrations with fruits cut in half screen on top in order to give them all a nice fresh texture.

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Some inspiration was taken from was the work of Eric Shaw, deriving from his very abstract sense of composition and placement.

Momentary Overload - Orangeglowysuperbang
Momentary Overload – The Sun (above) and Moon (below) illustrations are both linear and non-linear of two moments that are fleeting: when the sun or moon are at their brightest, when they and everything around them glisten, glow and shine.

Momentary Overload - Purplespeckymegaboom
The formulaic yet sporadic line work is coupled with the explosive and chaotic colour work, while it stretches beyond the shapes created by the line work it still feels designated to those spaces and paint the all too familiar picture of a sun and a moon.


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