Our Chief Article Writer Brittany Sutcliffe visits AUB Acting student’ performance of ‘The Shining’.

Open night for ‘The Shining’ from AUB’s acting students and I’m blissfully unaware of the fact the performance isn’t entirely seated. Ah. I regret confirming with one of the actors that I came alone as she says “well we’ll make sure to take extra special care of you then!”.

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Lulled into a false sense of security in the beautiful hotel, the best possible setting as you struggle to pinpoint where it all goes wrong for Jack. What’s the difference between rage and madness? I’ll ask the train of talented Jack’s and Wendy’s I saw this evening.

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When a performance has been so famously coined (Jack Nicholson, duh) and when presented with such a logistical challenge as a guiding an audience around, the entire crew smashed it.

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Costumes were also gorgeous, where did you get that dress? Yes, there’s the uncomfortable laugh during an outburst of hysteria but after a while, you notice yourself checking the blacked out rooms and corridors on the way round, just in case. A jump when the cast barge through out of nowhere, a shout, or cake forbid, as I found, turning round to see a bright white Danny or postured Delbert Grady stood right behind me.

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The gore and nudity reinforced this, you’re made to feel silly with your discomfort when confronted with the sheer fearlessness of the actors. Fantastically orchestrated, pop down The Chine Hotel for a hair-raising showing (don’t get the joke? Go see it then) every day until the 18th of February to challenge your experience of performance.

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Who needs the gym when you can run up and down spooky hotel stairs.

Words by Brittany Sutcliffe, Photographs by Ewa Ferdynus