Amy// This project is about the constructed self: a mimesis of the performed self before the camera. These are a series of self-portraits where the subject, myself, is simultaneously exposed and camouflaged; as to reveal the subject whilst it hides in plain sight. the portraits have multiple layers which make my appearance complicated but also recognisable. The work is a critique of today’s selfie culture and the individual’s social media presence; whereby we photograph ourselves specifically for presenting them on sites to allow our lives to be viewed in a specific, constructed light. We are captured and viewed as we want to be captured and viewed; a different version of ourselves, performed for the camera. With each self image we build our own visual narrative. A self-portrait shows a person in one of their many states, therefore I have created an amalgamation of images of myself within a single frame, of a self that cannot be depicted in a solitary, unedited photograph. The work combines the traditional studio setting and process for portrait-taking, with digital manipulation software that allow me to mould my visual narrative into a specific, devised form.

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