Some Soppy Poems

By Eddie Mitchell


Some soft shit poem

You arrive, often late than not,

Anticipating plans of the morn,

Before we can wake together for another hour

You have departed at the crack of dawn.

Shadow shifting through secondary access,

I leave my walls to your security, a promised embrace.

I was disturbed if only for a second,

Before I realised it was you.



Soppy Tart

Heavy heavy thuds, be still and slow,

Jaded eyes finding strength in in the present,

The clock ticks much faster, In a radiant presence.

First real feeling in a quarter of a decade,

Conveyed, understood, no longer withstood,

First real touch in the quarter of a decade.

Opened, bare chest, one-man barricade.

Allies are for the fall; we are one on one for now.

Superstitious encounters lead to exposure, my Achilles heel.

Strike and lash out to reach blinded dexterous evasion.

Impulsive to be carried by the tide of romantic persuasion.