Sophie Edward a 3rd Year Costume and Performance Design. For her Final Major Project she has produce a piece of work that interprets Desmond Heeleys designs.

Sophie Edward  (3)

Ever since I became interested in costume making I knew that I wanted to make a ballet costume. I have been lucky enough to see numerous ballets and for a performance that relies heavily on movement to tell the story, I think costume plays an essential role.

At the beginning of my Final Major Project I knew that I wanted to interpret a design from Coppelia and after a lot of research I came across a beautiful design by Desmond Heeley. This particular costume is worn in Act 2 when the prima ballerina,Swanhilda, is pretending to be the doll named Coppelia. Pancake tutus normally lend themselves well to characters of a high status due to their structure and the sheer delicacy of the decoration and fabrics used. However, this particular tutu has merged peasant and aristocrats through the embellishments and blouse underneath.

Sophie Edward  (1)

I used the original design as a template whilst I was draping the costume. I kept the same silhouette and design lines but decided to change the decoration. The original costume has a hand painted floral design and as hand embroidery is a strength and passion of mine I wanted to incorporate it into my the Final Major Project.

Sophie Edward  (2)

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I am so pleased that I got the opportunity to learn how to construct a tutu. I hope now that I am graduating university I shall be able to make more!

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