Alice// For one of our second year Commercial Photography briefs in ‘Creativity and Context’ we were given a project on Narrative where we had to produce a set of images that revealed a kind of story.presentation-snow-whitered

For this project I created a series of six environmental campaign images that link environmental issues to characters in children’s stories. After having realised my idea for the unit I found that deciding how to shoot for the campaign was more of a challenge. I firstly began shooting a set up using the narrative prop as the main focus and the background as the environmental link and shooting this from above. I found that these were too abstract and two-dimensional however, and did not seem to get my message across clearly.


I then altered this idea and decided to create still life images shooting from an angle and linking my narrative and the environmental link as one in my set up. This seemed to work well, creating a still life that showed the reality of the environmental issue whilst also mystifying the message through the subtle referencing to characters in children’s stories. I wanted to make the message accessible for anyone to understand, whilst not spoon feeding it to the observer. I wanted it to be something you had to work for, connecting the dots until you realised with horror that Ariel was being decanted from the sardine tins.


In the studio I was able to alter my lighting to create the mood I wished to within my images- I wanted to create a dark atmosphere to make the viewer feel shocked or moved when they looked at the images. I tried to emphasise the message through the use of a spotlight as the main source of light for my images, almost emphasising how I was illuminating or highlighting the shockingly dark message for the viewer in which I intended to show in the campaign.


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