Chris Bellis from BA (Hons) Visual Communication created some commissioned artwork for Echoics Debut EP.

echoictestifycdweb Commissioned artwork for Echoic’s debut EP, Testify. The opening tracks have an explosive nature to them but also sense of delicacy and beauty, thus the space/nebula influences. The lyrics deal with notions of decisions in the protagonists mind, which is where the dice comes in to the mix.echoictestifycoverI made the work by first drawing out the hard lines in illustrator, then copying those over to photoshop to add in the mix of colours and white dots for stars. Finally moving to indesign to lay out the text. It total it took about two months to complete because the first design was no where near to how the final turned out. After lots and lots of playing around with ideas and developing visuals myself and the band finally came to what we felt reflected the music in the best way possible.


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