A Review by Ezgi Kaya

Stepping into the theatre, you are surrounded by a fog. The definition of perfect is projected onto the wall as the performers flow out one by one. The audience surrounds them, watching intently as they turn their bodies into shapes and sculptures to the music. 

That Happy Place explores the concept of happiness though a range of inspiration including BBC DJ Fern Cottons book Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect. The show was directed by BA (Hons) Dance course leader Jane White and choregraphed by second year students themselves, inspired by their own experiences and memories and in collaboration with third year BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design students, whom created a calm sea of blue, grey and white costumes.

The performance looks into moments of the performer’s lives, recreating their feelings and experiences of both happiness and insecurity. These are told through, duo and solo performances. All aspects of the production come together and create an elegant and meditative yet powerful performance, telling personal yet relatable stories through movement and music. 

The performance concludes with both the audience and performers watching a video of the performers together at the beach and photos reminiscent of their childhood. Letting go of the definition of perfect and finding happiness within everyday joys such as being with friends at the beach. These little moments become happy places in our memories. 

Photography by Red Manhattan