Curated by Jessica King

For my final major project as part of my dance degree, I decided to focus on body positivity. I designed and delivered a series of weekly workshops based on connecting with our physical selves. 

Group Participants

The workshops were intended to encourage participants to listen to their own bodies, as well as those around them, to hold an accepting view of all kinds of bodies and appreciate all the wonderful things our bodies do for us every day. They included cardio, yoga, games, body mapping, mindfulness and other things that I have learned during my studies in dance at AUB. 

Behind the Scenes

The workshops seemed to have a really positive effect on the participants and helped them be more accepting of their bodies the way they are. “The Every Body Workshops were a great and unique experience that sparked positivity within myself. Every week offered something new and different that engaged with being in touch with your body and being comfortable in your own skin. From my experience, I would highly recommend the workshops to anyone wanting to feel more positive about themselves and interact with new people.” (Participant testimony). To culminate this, I held a body positive catwalk at The Old Fire Station. 

The Workshop 

The catwalk was to celebrate Every Body and push the boundaries of beauty standards and what we often expect to see. Designers that support the body positive message loaned clothes towards the event, we had a team of make up students, photography students, an event crew and of course, fabulous models. All the models were volunteers of all shapes and sizes that bravely stepped up to promote diversity.

Catwalk at The Old Fire Station

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