Our writer, Natalia Podpora, attended an opening for a new creative workspace in Boscombe. Here’s what she had to say

On a casual Friday evening last week , The Factory Shop opened its doors for a small opening party. A group of talented artists have banded together to create this cosy studio space, designed to operate as both a gallery and shop for the magical creations that they cook up. The shop acts as a sister workspace to The Factory Studios, which is the creative hub and home to a myriad of creative practices including Home Thrown Studios.


You can definitely tell that it is artist created and led from the clean but aesthetically cluttered layout of the shop, all the creations placed around as though frivolously, creating a fun and homely feel. The owners hope to be able to let the front of the store out to artists for small exhibitions or as a place for fresh faced creatives to flog their goods. Peg boards line the walls making the space functional and wall customisation is easy. Currently these boards are brimming with a variety of prints, hangings and jewellery.


The event seemed successful in drawing in the creative crowd, the air filled with continuous  bustling discussion and laughter in a cosy atmosphere. The pieces for sale range from cat keyrings, prints, ceramic figures, jewellery and postcards: one of a kind pieces and designs that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It’s like etsy come to life- definitely one to check out.


The ambience was truly that of an independently run  and artsy space- it felt fresh and exciting. Towards the end of the night people were making comments that “it feels like an arty cocktail party from the 1970s” and “the turnout was just an OK amount of people”. A success!


If you want to check out the shop, and we definitely recommend that you do, you can find it here 779 Christchurch Road, Boscombe.

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Instagram // @thefactoryshop_779

Words and photographs by Natalia Podpora