Hugo Mills studying his final year in BA (Hons) Photography. The Modellers series is an ongoing project, where he travelled across the South of England to find interesting life stories.

The series is a documentary piece exploring the idea of miniaturization. People who devote many hours of their lives to constructing and using models, often the people featured are too old to continue the real sport as a hobby and use this as a way to keep doing what they love.


In the making of this project I have travelled all round the south of England seeking new and exciting locations to create this series of work. I have met many extremely interesting people many of whom have led very interesting lives. For example I have photographed a retired watchman for Winston Churchill, a retired blacksmith and a retired environmental scientist. By interacting with my subjects to find out this information I create a bond which I try and reflect in to my work, representing them in a truthful yet alluring way.

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