Leo Gauvain is a Level 6 student currently studying Photography at Arts University Bournemouth.

Based on the epic narrative from the modernist writer James Joyce’s Ulysses, this book traces its dominant themes with personal photographs. As Joyce did in his literature, The Oddyssey questions aspects the human condition. The tension and relationships between images in this book is structured and animated through its meta narrative – human life. The Oddyssey is an ongoing personal project that attempts to understand one’s humanity through images.

An individual’s perception of these photographs can’t correlate with the artist’s intentions; the amalgam of images detail the subjective influence of their idiosyncratic mind. With this we can begin to construct a pseudo-objective of view an otherwise isolated consciousness. We can’t know their nationality or shoe size but we can see how they chose to spend their time and try to understand their obsessive tendencies. Photographic Empathy.

This book was hand bound with a coptic stitch and an open spine, the publication is proceeded a short film entitled Rituals.

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The entire web version of the book can be found here: odddyssey.tumblr.com

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