Illustrated by Müdrã

This project consists a series of images that play upon ideas from the book titled ‘The Order of Time’ published by the theoretical physicist – Carlo Rovelli. I take the often abstract ideas addressed within the book such as ‘local time’ and ‘now’ – both of which make reference to text denoting the ideas of the very personal nature of time, and how the term ‘present’ is really quite limited to just a singular body within the universe.

Other ideas addressed in ‘you’, take influence from a Buddhist text written in Pali in the first century of our era, and was cited in the book as a way of conveying the existential questions of being you. I played on the idea that ‘you’ are none of your features in isolation, just how in the text they elude to the same idea but with a chariot not being just the wheels, axis or chassis, rather a chariot is the relation to all its working parts relative to us.

My process first starts with the hunt for intriguing stimulus, this can be found in both analouge form through magazines or digitally through the depths of the internet. Sometimes I peruse with intent of finding something particular, other times I just keep an open mind for things that I believe could be of use, be that now or later. Regardless of whether I start by hand assembling collaged aspects with one another, I most certainly always scan the work and further the creation process through digital means. This often includes adding coloured forms, textures and typography.

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