Matthew Wallace a 3rd Year Visual Communication Student.


This project was set at the beginning of my final year studying Visual Communication. With a time frame of only a week, we were asked to create a poster design that highlighted the importance of numbers in our lives. The poster needed to be informative and immediately understandable to an unassuming audience. I chose to focus on the idea of synchronicity within numerology, which demonstrates the idea of seeing a certain number repeated within your routine, as it felt that I would often look at the clock and see either 13:13 or 21:21 again and again! For this project. I focused on the number 1, which is said to be a strong, creative number within the ‘mystical’ study of Numbers. In Numerology. seeing a repetition of the number 1 in your day to day routine suggests that you should take a step back and look at the bigger picture, perhaps analysing where changes can be made for self-betterment. Within this week project, I conducted research and trials to find a slightly less conventional format for a poster, and began focusing on making the design stand out, like a repetition of numbers would do.

Matthew-Wallace-(5) Matthew-Wallace-(3)

My project tries to engage the audience with constant repetition of the number 1 in various obscure and chaotic patterns in a compact folded format. It is only when the audience unfold the paper that they get to see this ‘bigger picture’ quite literally, which helps to explain the concept further. My colours are chosen based on what I thought were very bold and almost ‘manic’ colours, making the project appear psychedelic and giving the numbers enough hiding space. The typeface was chosen to be large, legible and direct.

Matthew-Wallace-(4) Matthew-Wallace-(6)

The project allowed me to understand what I can achieve within a week, has inspired the rest of my work to be playful and unique, and demonstrated to me the importance of experimenting and creating visuals within a short amount of time. It has even inspired my Personal Branding with the choice of colours being clearly visible within my portfolio, social media and websites.


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