The sun shone in through the ceiling high windows on the 3rd year Fashion students, scissors flashed as shapes were cut out and the space was a hive of activity as they put their garments together.


Putting them together however is only one aspect of what this course entails. Students are taught a comprehensive list of skills surrounding the making of clothes from knitting, to sowing to digital creation of garments, as such they can fully understand the process from sketch to finished piece. With such broad teaching, students sometimes find a new avenue they had never considered before, pursuing new professional goals. This diversity is one of the courses key aspects, with specialist tutors, the option to either follow a making or communication path (fashion journalism for example) and taught skills, there is great focus on finding your own distinct voice across the sea of fabric.


“What is YOU in it?”


Speaking to Iain Archer, the course leader, this only became clearer. This degree is made to put students in the right lane for whatever aspect of Fashion they want to pursue afterwards. With lots of possibility for specialization and keeping up with the industry, each term builds on the last. Students gain more skills and knowledge so that when they leave they are their own brand.


“We give you core skills, you show us how you can do them differently”


Such a varied degree attracts people for different reasons, however what runs throughout is the hard work and dedication shown by the students. Driven, they are often the first on campus and the last to leave, working when they can so that they can step back from their finished outfit and have the hallelujah moment of seeing it all come together right before their eyes. At the end of it, they look back with pride on the whole journey.


“You come in, you get here. It’s down to you”


Good communication, authentic vision and rule breaking; this is what is found in the Fashion students, sometimes they have even come from completely unrelated backgrounds but what drives them on and keeps them practicing is quite simply their passion for fashion.