The first thing that springs to mind when you think of Creative Events Management is teamwork. This whole degree is centred around people’s ability to distribute and assume responsibility to put on an event. It’s a very hands on course in which the students learn a lot through actually doing, with one live event every year that grow steadily more complex alongside the students’ ambition and confidence. With each event students must manage all aspects from branding and marketing, to fundraising to the execution.

Phil Beards, the course leader, further explained how industry was at the heart of the course’s organisation. As well as the live event, students have work placement in their second year. They also keep up with contemporary developments in the subject area such as pop-ups or the digital aspect to putting on an event, from social media marketing to app prototyping.


“You really get a proper feel of the real world”


The course gives you the tools but you must build the castle. As with all creative degrees, there is a lot of freedom in regards to what is actually organised and how exactly it will engage the audience in a creative way.  For instance, the 1st year live project we visited decided to host an artist led workshop in a park for children on a sunny Sunday.

Students learn something new with every unit and every responsibility undertaken but what seems to be the most important lesson is adaptability. Preparing in advance for everything that could go wrong as well as needing to find quick solutions for unexpected problems are key in making a smooth going event (as well as adding a bit of spice to their day!).


“We bounce off each other as a team”


Alongside adaptability comes organisation and communication, a team will only function when it speaks clearly to each other. This also means the course opens itself up more readily to collaboration, artistic contributions from other courses at AUB or else on-the-day helpers are common amongst a creative event. As a result, this is quite a social course and it was smiles all around as the workshop went ahead.


Putting on an event from planning to execution takes more than is expected, fitting therefore that many people come from unexpected backgrounds. Not everybody has had the chance before this degree to work in events management but they all have the passion and dedication for it. They work as a team to get everything off the ground and despite the vision, sometimes it is only when the final result is right in front of them that they truly realise what they have achieved.


            “Seeing everything put together is very rewarding”


Sometimes it might seem a bit difficult to see how you can be creative amidst all the risk assessment, phone calls, emails and group discussions but it’s always there, and as one of the few Creative Events Management degrees in the country, it gives you the chance to do just that.


            “we do ideas”