Isobel// There are many guides, budgeting apps and recipe books designed for students, however many of them are not suitable for students or are simply visually unappealing.

Owing to this I decided I wanted to design an app that included things that students actually want and in a way that is easy to use. I aimed to help new students but encourage students to use the app multiple times by including many useful features, such as recipes and a budgeting feature. I also made the design appealing to students by using vibrant colours, clear layouts, and illustrations. From surveys of students I was able to decide what to include in the app.

Brand: UNI
Products: App; Recipe cards (in kit)
Target market: StudentsThe features and pages included:


• Home page – showing the eight icons for each other page.

• Settings – includes the options to change the size of the text, to enter dietary requirements that will affect the recipes shown, and to change the colour/saturation of the background (this is designed specifically to help people with dyslexia to make the pages easier to read).
• Timetable – the student’s timetable is synced but also customisable and able to be shown as a daily, weekly or monthly calendar.
• Recipes – this provides simply written recipes with other meal suggestions
• Budgeting – provides an interface in which students can track their spending by inputing how much they spend and what they spend it on. The page then shows how much of their budget has been spent.
• Public transport – live timetables for both buses and trains, which students can customise to suit which lines they use.
• Shopping list & Meal planning – a feature where the student is able to write their shopping list and a meal plan. This is alongside meal suggestions from the app.
• Food hygiene – advice for how long to keep foods and how to know when it is okay to eat.
• Vouchers & Discounts – coupons and deals for students, to be linked with UniDays
• Nightlife – information on the clubs and bars in the area including student nights, costs, events, etc.



Everything nowadays is digital, hence the need for the app, however people still like to have physical things to hold and collect for free at the fresher’s fair. This led me to designing recipe cards. The reason for these cards was not only to advertise the brand and app, but also to provide students with a few simple recipes that they stick up in their kitchen. The colours, illustrations and typography match with those in the app to ensure there is continuity and the brand is reinforced. These cards will be handed out in a box that will also include a bus timetable and advertising poster/brochure for the app.



The brand ‘UNI’ came out of my typographical experimentations and I realised that this was the most suitable name for my brand as this was the purpose of the products I was designing and target market.

28I have really enjoyed this project as it has come from my own experience and aims to help new students with living away from home for the first time. I feel my aims of the products being practical and visually appealing for students have been met owing to my media experimentation for the typography and illustrations, and my involving members of the target audience in deciding what to include and in my designs.

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