Olivia //As part of my first submission for my third year studying Make-up for Media and Performance at AUB, I had complete creative freedom to create whatever I was interested in. While studying various forms of vanity for my dissertation I was inspired to create something that could potentially fit the themes that Oscar Wilde had included in his novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. Using Dorian’s character as inspiration, I designed a female character who’s soul was reflected not by a painting, but through a mirror. Oliver Parker’s film adaptation of Dorian Gray featured a portrait that used syphilis as its main focal point for the grotesque appearance of Dorian’s soul, whereas I wanted to take a more delicate approach.


I created silicon prosthetics for my model’s face which featured cracked porcelain-like skin with an added shine over the top, which were all sculpted from scratch from reference images of old broken dolls.
As I was sticking to an 18th Century theme, I restructured and knotted the front half of a synthetic wig, as well as constructed a wire hair frame to achieve the beautiful height that 18th century wigs had.


The outcome of the hair and make-up was something I am very proud of, and it was all tied together with the beautiful costumes that Heather Filby and Ella Grace Osborne (AUB Costume) had created in their first year. Collaboration is key with these types of project, as more often than not, the costume brings a whole new level to a character!


A brilliant MA film crew filmed a short 1 minute clip of my beautiful porcelain creation in action to convey the story behind it. I wanted to make it clear that this young girl is blinded by her own self obsession and traditional sense of vanity, and that there are consequences to this kind of narcissism, which here is reflected on her true appearance of her soul.

A special shout out to all of those involved with this project, as the team made it all a reality!
Claire Hefford (Assisting MUA)
Heather Filby (Costume)
Ella Grace Osborne (Costume)
Lexie Voitovich (Model)
Sam Klein (Editor)
Przemek Przystup (DoP)
Jade Spowart (Photographer)

Website // www.oliviarussellfx.co.uk

Instagram // OliviaRussellFX