If you’ve got your hands on a fresh new copy of BUMF then you’ll already know that we’re on the lookout for some fresh new faces to join our fantastic team!

Listed below are all of the roles we need to fill. If the description sounds like something you fancy doing then contact us at hello@bumfmedia.co.uk with a paragraph explaining why we should choose you. 


Chief Writer

Are you opinionated, passionate about current affairs and love writing? We need someone who ticks all three of those boxes as well as being able to coordinate our other writing staff. Our written content generally encompasses reviews/events coverage as well as BUMF Says opinion articles. We are also open to any ideas you may have for more written content! Apply for this position if you can meet deadlines and write eloquently.


Photographers x2

A great opportunity to develop your photographic skills and get some work published. We are looking for (fairly) enthusiastic people to attend/photograph exhibitions, productions and events in general- as well as sometimes photographing students’ work for our publication. If applying for this position please include a link to previous work.



We are looking for someone able to create editorial and event videos during the year. In the past this mainly entailed our ‘Artist Features‘, but we are always open to suggestions for expanding this position. You may also be required at events or exhibitions. If applying for this position please include a link to previous work.

_MG_6753Content Manager

This role will work closely with the editing staff to respond to submissions, organise content and publish posts just like this one. You will also be working with our subject scout to find fresh content for BUMF. If applying for this role you need to be efficient and able to meet deadlines.


Events Coordinator

We need someone to organise events for BUMF to promote the blog and zine. This may include launch parties or fairs. You will work closely with the BUMF gallery team and editors aiming to get more students involved and more publicity for the publication. We are looking for a creative and motivated individual with fresh ideas for events.


Gallery Curator x2

Are you organised? Do you love a good exhibition? We are looking for two people who answer YES to both questions. Our Gallery Curators essentially run the gallery space, organising shows, communicating with students who want to use the space and dealing with the physicality of exhibition. You may also be producing or organising advertisement for shows.


Gallery Staff x3

We need three people to help the Gallery Curators in organisation of exhibition. You will be helping exhibitors arrange their work and ensure that it is kept safe.


Gallery Photographer

We are looking for another photographer to join the gallery team to document exhibitions, possibly for the photos to accompany reviews as editorial images. This is another great opportunity to develop your photographic skills and get some work published. If applying for this position please include a link to previous work.



If any of these roles sound like you then be sure to drop us a line! We look forward to hearing from you and meeting our new team members.

Photographs by Kate Wolstenholme