Photographed by Phillip Howarth 

‘With You’ is an autumn fashion editorial which explores moments shared between two people together. The inspiration for this work came from a 3,000 km road trip that my girlfriend and I took around Iceland at the end of summer 2017. 

Reflecting on memories of endless roads, vast horizons and whipping winds, I wanted to create an intimate series that captured these memories in a contemporary fashion context. Collaborating with Olga Petrusewicz, a Fashion Communication student who styled the shoot, brought my vision further than I had imagined. I was also inspired by the band Sunken and their track ‘Over The Days’ of which the vocalist states “[…] is about the progression of a relationship, the growth of two people together but also their growth as individuals,” Poppy Billingham (Wonderlandmagazine, 2018). 

I believe Billingham’s insight into the relationship she described is reflective of modern-day love. Societal and technological changes have redefined the modern relationship; couples can still be present in each other’s lives, yet physically be apart. This relates to my relationship with my girlfriend which has therefore naturally become the foundation of
this editorial.

It was during first year, I began to experiment within the genre of fashion photography. This led me to create narrative driven work and has since inspired me to research and develop my own exploration within this style of photography. This series is the result of my first level 5 unit in which I wanted to challenge myself by collaborating with other creatives and create an ambiguous yet complex narrative. I wanted to create a piece of work that opens an opportunity for the reader to use their own imagination and experiences to interpret the work in a unique way.

PhotographerPhillip Howarth

StylistOlga Petrusewicz

ModelMicky Spencer

AssistantRyan Kelly